About Unelma

Why We are Different

Over the past few years, we have solved business problems of about 1k to 5k customers across 120 countries by providing state-of-the-art software solutions. We are poets, writers, dreamers, creative thinkers, designers, technologists and marketers with a deep passion for our profession and a razor-sharp perception for detail. We employ about 11-50 people in the organisation who are working in various parts of Europe (in Finland), Asia (in Nepal) and America (in Chicago). We have built several projects, software solutions and services across a diverse range of categories such as higher education, healthcare, artificial intelligence and cloud computing that directly or indirectly have helped big corporation in the software development industry. We are not just any software development company we are all dreamers. We are in a business of shaping your dreams into reality.

Our one and only mission is to empower people.

Why Choose Us

Choose us if you want to build a relationship with us. Choose us if you believe in changing the status-quo. Choose us if you believe in empowering people through the power of technology. Choose us if you believe in the power of human minds in connecting the dots and providing #1 world-class products and services through the platform. Choose us if you want to work together long-term where we value your input from start to finish and thereafter.

What You Get

You will get our experience and expertise 100% free of cost with no consulting fee charged for a project that you undertake with us. You will get satisfaction from working with us. We deliver. We perform and grow together with you in this mutual partnership.

Meet The Energy

We are a bunch of millennials. Some people like to call us hippies. Some just call us highly-energetic and growing organisation in software development space. We get excited quickly, and sometimes you make us blush. We will change the world by simply empowering you - by delivering and matching your requirements based on yours needs.

Meet The Core Team

Santosh Kalwar

Founder, CEO

Santosh Kalwar is Doctor of Science in Technology (Human-computer Interaction) - Computer Scientist - Entrepreneur - Software/Web Developer - Writer/Author - Poet - and a simple human being.

Laxmi Kalwar


Laxmi is chief operating officer where she brings wide-range of marketing, sales and strategic policies to the team.

Bikash Subba

VP of engineering

Bikash is our VP of engineering where he takes care of our Research and Development and brings technical expertise in the team.

Rajib Paudyal

Software Developer

Rajib is our software developer where he takes care of our software development and also brings technical expertise in the team.

Meet Our Friends

Mark Bidwell

CEO and Co-founder of Innovation Ecosystem

Mark is an innovative podcaster and anthropologist by training. We at Unelma Platforms are fortunate to invite Mark to our league of freinds. Just because of listening to Mark's innovation ecosystem podcast our solutions today has empowered over 1 million people across a diverse range of platform products, applications and services. He is an excellent speaker, motivator and mentor to several companies.

Sami Nikkinen

Co-Founder @ Muuvin Oy and Chief Designer at Reason Oy

Sami is a national American football player and coach in Finland. On the business side, he is creative director, board member and a co-founder of Muuvin Oy. We at Unelma Platforms are fortunate to have him on our league of friends where he is willing to help us on coaching, advising and providing best-of-the-breed innovative designs and technological insights.

Jari Porras

Professor of computer science

Jari is a professor of computer science at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. He is our teacher and supervisor-in-chief of computer science activities that we do or attempt to do in the future. We at Unelma Platforms are fortunate to work with him in the long run.

Juan Carlos Moya

Business Investment Solutions, JCM Consulting Oy

Juan Carlos Moya has a background in financing, retail and the fashion industry from countries ranging from Spain to the US, Holland and the UK, Juan Carlos Moya has a thorough hands-on understanding of financing needs, start-ups and company challenges in all stages of development.


Come let us change the world together or simply share with us your project concept and ideas
so that we can work together and make it real.

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