Unelma Platforms is official .fi domain registrar

Unelma Platforms is a leading technology services company that has recently become Finland's official .fi domain registrar.

This is a significant achievement for the company, as it allows them to provide a comprehensive range of services to individuals and businesses looking to establish their online presence in Finland. Furthermore, as a domain registrar, Unelma Platforms is authorized to sell and manage .fi domain names, the top-level domains specific to Finland.

This means that customers can now register their domain names directly with Unelma Platforms and manage their domain name settings and renewals through their administrative portal. In addition to domain name registration, Unelma Platforms offers various services essential to establishing and maintaining a successful online presence.

Name servers are among the most important of these services, which help ensure that domain names are correctly associated with their corresponding IP addresses. This is crucial for ensuring that websites can be accessed globally by users typing the domain name into their browsers.

Another important service offered by Unelma Platforms is Traficom Anycast, which is a system designed to distribute website traffic across multiple servers located around the world. This helps to ensure that websites are always accessible even when they experience high levels of traffic.

Additionally, Unelma Platforms provides DNSSEC services designed to protect domain names from unauthorized modifications and ensure that users connect to the intended website. Unelma Platforms also provides email services, which allow customers to create and manage email addresses associated with their domain names. This is essential for businesses, as it will enable them to have a professional email address associated with their brand. Finally, Unelma Platforms offers virtual server hosting services designed to provide businesses with a scalable hosting solution that can grow with their needs over time.

Virtual server hosting is an affordable option for small businesses looking to establish their online presence, as it allows them to have a highly available and scalable infrastructure without the expense commonly associated with traditional dedicated server hosting.

Overall, Unelma Platforms has made great strides to establish itself as Finland's leading domain name registrar. By offering comprehensive services, they have positioned themselves as a one-stop shop for individuals and businesses looking to develop their online presence in Finland and beyond. If you want to register a .fi domain name or establish your business's online presence, Unelma Platforms is an excellent choice.

Trust but Verify: You can search official Traficom website with keyword "Unelma Platforms" from here: https://www.traficom.fi/en/communications/fi-domains/search-registrars